About Jeanette

Jeanette Szymanski is a Performance Coach, NLP Trainer, instructor, and a very popular lecturer.

About Jeanette

Jeanette works as a Performance Coach and utilizes both NLP and mental training techniques.

She is a very popular lecturer for anyone interested in developing themselves and their careers in a positive direction.

Jeanette has participated in several trainings and courses both in Finland and abroad, and she can guide you in English, French, Swedish, and Finnish. From a young age, she has been an elite athlete and she has her own company since 2010.

Powerful and long-term results in a short time has always fascinated Jeanette. For a long time already, she has studied successful people, and can show you how you, with the right tools and techniques, can reach groundbreaking results for yourself and your life.

In a very efficient way, she helps in optimizing performances, strengthening self-confidence, and reaching goals, while making sure these all go hand in hand with an anchored self-esteem and inner security over the course of the process.

The coaching and the lectures concentrate on leadership, communication, relationships, and sports. Customers include companies, the public sector, athletes, and individuals (also children and couples seeking partner therapy).

You will receive a host of efficient tools, concretes tips and insights for life, that Jeanette shares in an entertaining way in her lectures and courses.

Jeanette is very inspiring, and radiates both warmth and enthusiasm, and she has a fantastic ability to engage with her joy and knowledge in everything she takes on. Her positive energy is contagious, and she genuinely wishes to help people grow.

Authenticity, self-awareness, openness, teamwork, and courage are her catchwords, which she successfully manages to convey in an excellent way. Jeanette’s vision is for people to grant themselves the opportunity to become aware of their inner resources and inner potential, as there is so much more to discover about ourselves than we could ever imagine.