Lectures and trainings

Lectures and trainings

Jeanette offers lectures, trainings, and shorter courses and workshops within leadership, communication, and relationships.

The lectures and courses are targeted towards companies, organizations, schools, and municipalities.

Popular themes include wellbeing, stress management, performance optimization, work motivation, and job satisfaction, as well as verbal and non-verbal communication.

– Reach out and tell us about your wishes, and we will make sure to make them come true.

We look forward to meeting you personally in one of Jeanette’s lectures.

NLP trainings

(Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

As an NLP Trainer, and with the right to certify other trainers, Jeanette can issue the internationally approved NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner certificates.

The trainings follow the recommendations of the Finnish NLP association and international organizations, and fulfil the standard requirements and expectations recommended for NLP Practitioner and NLP Master levels.

The courses span 18 days, or 132 hours, during which you learn efficient techniques and new thought models, while gaining access to a toolbox for self-help, or/and for coaching and helping others.

The training is well suited for companies, teachers, leaders, marketers, and sales personnel.

The courses have received very good feedback and are recommended by many.

“The NLP Practitioner and Master courses with Jeanette are the best further education courses I have participated in.”

– Christoph Treier –